Ketchup II

Okay, cool thing I did last year was go to the Austin Formula One Gran Prix at the new Circut of the Americas race track.  It was Awesome.  Austin did a great job.

The track is outstanding, with a lot of great vantage points and jumbo-trons.  Transportation to and from the track was the best I’ve experienced outside Monaco, which has a train station AT the race.  So, you know…Maybe Monza.  No, better than Monza.

I hadn’t actually been to Austin before, and really liked it.  Good food, people were cool.  Usual advantages and disadvantages of a college town/state capital.  Lots of other peoples money.  Even for Tejas!

I would heartily recomend it to any race fan.  Great facility, and a good time for all.


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Does she want to make out with the pig? Get sexy? Blow the pig? What I’m asking is whether I’m supposed to just go along with the idea that she wants to fuck the pig while they wait for the tow truck.

Is that okay now? Was I not updated?

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Sooooo…What’s happened since I was last posting?  Personal crap, holidays, whatever.  Lemme see:








                              Election:  Well, there you have it.  Four more years.  Magical.


Hurricane Sandy:  Ah, the weather.  When will it end?  Just when you think you’ve got your wardrobe all worked out, bam, cataclysm.  Tragic?  No.  Messy?  Sure.  Thank goodness for the government, though.  Amiright?!


Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre:  God.  Damnit.  Even I think that’s fucked up.  But then everyone starts whining about gun control.  And I’m back to just being annoyed.  Maybe that’s the secret plan.  Keep us all mildly annoyed, and impervious to outrage.  Anyway, a guy who’s decided to shoot his mom in face before breakfast is a guy who’s gonna find a way to murder the innocent if he wants too.  But why would he want too?  Why would anyone?  But they do.  They so do.

I don’t.







Anything else?  Not really.  Same old shit.  No wonder I haven’t posted anything.

I gotta focus my chi.

Knuckle down.

As God* is my witness, I’m gonna do whatever it takes to act like I care enough to post to a blog!


*I capitalize the word God out of respect for the office.   Suck it.

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Saw the new Judge Dredd movie this weekend.  Enjoyed it.  Nice and tight, not a lot of fluff.  A valiant effort at the comic with what was obviously a very limited budget.  Good actors (No stars, just talent!).  Good gore.  Some next level shits, albeit CGI.  But that’s just the way it is.

Still raises my dystopian hackles somewhat to see freshly scrubbed, happy little medicated teeny boppers in the 21st century oohing and ahhhing at the subcutaneous subcultural substrate of my formative years.

But that’s what I get for living this long.

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Formula One

This season is has been great.  Singapore was totally cool.  I wish it wasn’t so horribly, horribly hot there.  And humid.  At the same time.

People say, Oh it’s not so bad.

Yeah it is.  Too hot.  Not doin’ it.

Even if I could afford it, which is also unlikely.

But anyway, the race was great.  And the championship is shaping up nicely.  I hope Ferrari and Lotus can stay in the mix until the end.

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